Cllr Warren Ward marks 1 Year In Office

Cllr Warren Ward pictured on May 5th 2016 following a Labour win in Bromborough

“My first 12 months in office have been exceptional and I am genuinely humbled by how much support I have received from the community”

Serving as a Councillor for Wirral and representing the place I call my home is an honour and a privilege.

Over the past 12 months I have been working hard toward achieving my five pledges since taking office:

  1. Regeneration, Regeneration, Regeneration
  2. Getting Tough on Anti-Social Behaviour
  3. More Opportunities for Young People
  4. Supporting Small Businesses
  5. Being active and visible in the community

In doing so I have met so many amazing people making a difference in their towns and communities.

Outside of working in the community at a grass root level one of my biggest roles has also been supporting the Labour Group and cabinet who run the borough. Serving on the Business Committee, scrutinising senior officers and pushing forward my passion for aspiration and enterprise amongst our young people.

Warren Ward in the Council Chamber

I have also enjoyed the many speeches I have delivered in the Council chamber. Pushing forward the needs of local residents and championing the disadvantaged.

It was here I dedicated my first speech in the Council chamber to those in the LGBT Community who have fought for the past 75 years to improve equality – As if it wasn’t for their dedication a gay, 19 year old like me could never dream of holding elected office in the UK.

Though most of my term of office has been filled with positivity- Sadly during the last 2 months I have been at the heart of what has been a terrible time for New Ferry.

As a Councillor you already have a diverse role. But since the explosion my role has expanded beyond recognition.

I will continue push forward support for New Ferry to ensure that New Ferry matters.


I love the role I play in our community and I look forward to working with you over the next 3 years and beyond.

All the best,


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