Cllr Warren Ward: “Serving my home town, the place I live and grew up in - It’s a dream come true.”

Newly elected Councillor in his seat at the council chamber

Serving my home town is a dream come true. There is no greater privilege than to be able to represent the town I love to call my home, and to receive so much support from local people is truly humbling.

Walking through the local area, people shaking my hand, and residents feeling comfortable to stop me in the street to chat — There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think “How lucky am I?”

Warren outside with local young people after clearing flytipping outside the youth club

I’ve always had a hands on approach to things, especially when it comes to helping out local community groups and residents.

Since being elected as Councillor, I’ve done just that. I’ve responded quickly to all local casework, I met with hundreds of people, be in meetings or on the doorstep.

Councillor Warren Ward speaking at the Business Overview & Scrutiny Business Committee

Though I prefer to be in my community, speaking to local residents and getting to stuck in to local projects, I often have to travel to Wallasey Town Hall.

Representing the whole borough of The Wirral is a huge responsibility, especially when it comes to scrutiny. Asking the tough questions, getting the responses residents need. It’s vital.

Warren delivering a speech with his Dad by his side

Being a Councillor often has its intimate moments, like when I delivered a speech to the local Football Club with my Dad by my side. A moment I will always treasure.

Warren helping out his local youth workers delivering their leaflets

Being active and visible is something which (Besides the selfies) I’ve always taken very seriously. Residents should always see their local politicians out and about, though sometimes it is hard to find time, it’s always a priority if mine.

Cllr Warren with ward colleagues Cllr Irene Williams and Cllr Joe Walsh

Working a part of a good, solid team is always great. With me being a new Councillor, it’s a nice thought to have so many amazing and committed people to be able to lean on.

Councillor Warren Ward pictured outside New Ferry Town Center

Sometimes being a Councillor means making some extremely tough decisions, and helping local people when they are at their most vulnerable.

It’s not possible to please everyone, in fact you could argue that it’s impossible and this is something which we must always be aware of.

Like I said before, serving the community I call home. Getting stuck in with community groups and projects. Raising the serious questions, and making the the area a better place to live. That’s the role of a local Councillor, and it’s a role I love to do.

E: A: Wallasey Town Hall, Wirral, CH44 8ED