Cllr Warren Ward: “Why there’s a clear business case in our community for remaining in the EU”

Cllr Warren Ward pictured with Merseyside Labour Party members, Councillors and MP’s in Liverpool.

Since being out and about across the community there’s one thing that’s become pretty clear; the lack of understanding towards the EU, especially towards the EU Referendum.

This is not an opportunity to ‘slate’ the leave campaign or the remain campaign, but to recognise that both sides are as bad as each other when it comes to providing members of the public clear points as to why they should vote in or out.

As you know, I was just elected Councillor for Bromborough Ward. An area which is extremely diverse. In my role as Councillor, I want what’s best for my community. That is why I wish to remain in the European Union.

In Bromborough, we have the Wirral International Business Park, with major, national businesses such as Cereal Partners UK. A few miles up in Port Sunlight, we have Unilever. An international organisation, spreading its business far and wide across the globe.

Here in Wirral, we have amazing industry, we build ships and cars and sell them across Europe. This referendum is absolutely vital for the continuity of decent trade, business and to ensure we are at the table when decisions are made.

The European Union is by no means a perfect institution. But when have we Brits ever backed down when the going gets tough? We need to fight for our European Union and for our place at its table.

Over the next coming weeks the Labour Party will be holding street stalls, and events across the area to deliver you the facts. On not just the business case, but the case for your families and your children. I look forward to seeing you there.