“Homophobia is intolerable and I’ll put you in your place if you think otherwise”

I’m a proud member of the LGBT community. And I’m proud to be standing up for my home town.

Since coming out as gay in 2015, I’ve had nothing but support from my friends, family and local residents. However, in recent times I’ve fell victim to what can only be described as out right homophobia.

Homophobia is intolerable, and I’ll put you in your place if you think otherwise. It’s 2016, times are moving forward. However, there still seems to be a very small minority stuck in their ways and unwilling to move with the rest of us.

I never expected to walk into politics and for it to be a breeze. In fact, I expected the complete opposite. I’m an 18 yearold, gay man. I’m realistic about these things. It’s sad, but true. And it plays a part in why my campaign is based on “New Ideas and a Fresh Approach”.

However, my achievements and passion towards improving my area and those around me has never been defined by my sexuality.

My sexuality, is actually something I rarely talk about in politics as I have never felt the need to talk about it. But challenge my decision to come out, and then suggest that I may have “gender issues”, don’t expect me to sit back. Equality has come too far to allow such atrocities to go unchallenged.

We need to build upon what’s already been achieved by our predecessors who paved the way for equality. It’s clear steps need to be taken still. I’ll continue the fight for equality not just for the LGBT community but for all.


“New ideas, a fresh approach”

Vote Labour, Thursday 5th May

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