LGBT History Month & Why We Should Celebrate It

Today marks the end of LGBT History Month – The theme for this year was Citizenship, PHSE and Law. All three of these themes have played a major role in our communities path to equality.

It can be very easy to forget that for the LGBT Community not even 25 years ago, that our world was a very different place – LGBT History Month dedicates a whole month to remembering the struggles and the fights our movement has had over the years.

We mark the 50th Anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales – The sexual offences act, passed in 1967 was a major step forward.

Now granted it did only relate to men, but it had a huge impact on our movement not just nationally but internationally.

In England and Wales, same sex relationships were accepted for the first time in over 500 years. Paving the way to our current position in being able to legally marry the man or woman we love.

LGBT History Month serves to remind us how far our community has come, that’s why we celebrate it.

Our history defines us all, and has an affect on all of our future. That’s why we should never forget our roots.

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