My 2015: Coming Out, Turning 18, General Election….What a year!

2015 has been somewhat of a mixed bag when in comes to years. Plenty of ups and a fair share of downs.

One of the highlights of my 2015 will obviously be the day I came out from the closet, and announced that I was gay. After a long time of lying to my self and those I love, I finally decided the time was right for me to come out.

It’s funny looking back, how big being gay seemed to me at the time and how little it seems to me now. The support I have had from my loved ones, including friends and family has been phenomenal. Thank you all.

Politics…..(Here we go) Obviously a big thing that happened in 2015 was that the Labour Party was struck by a crushing defeat. During the General Election, I was announced as the Parliamentary Campaign Manager for Fylde, being one of the youngest to hold such a role in UK Political History. Balancing campaigning between my home in Wirral South and the campaign I was managing in Fylde was difficult, but I did it in the end. Like so many hardworking volunteers and members, I was gutted that we didn’t win. But it’s time for us to remove the tail from our legs and press forward.

This year, I also successfully completed my apprenticeship within the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office. It was here that my eyes would be opened to the real world. From shadowing the police commissioner, organising county events to listening to some truly heartbreaking stories from survivors of crime, Working with so many inspirational people was and still is a huge privilege.

I enter 2016 as a prospective local government candidate, still seeking selection for a ward to fight for in the elections in 2016. Nothing would give me greater pride, than representing the place I call home. If selected & then elected, I look forward to doing just that.

It’s been a tough one, but I’ve loved it. Have a happy new year folks, and all the best for 2016.

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