New Ferry Labour Councillor’s Pledge to Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour

Councillor’s Warren Ward, Irene Williams & Joe Walsh

New Ferry Labour Councillor’s following concerns of New Ferry & Port Sunlight residents have pledged to do all they can to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour.

Concerns were raised on New Ferry Online that there have recently been gangs of youths littering and causing disruption within the Town Centre.

Councillor Joe Walsh wants New Ferry to “pull together and unite to oust these issues”

The Labour Party in New Ferry are leading a regeneration campaign to make New Ferry a better community to live and to push forward progress with regenerating the local high-street.

Cllr Irene Williams, Bromborough, Port Sunlight and New Ferry Labour Champion for 2018 is calling for residents to report local crimes.

She said: “It’s absolutely vital that local residents report anti-social behaviour to police to they have the intelligence to act”

Chairperson of the New Ferry Town Team & Local Councillor, Warren Ward is not “daunted” by these issues and says the Labour Team will do all they can to oust these issues.

“New Ferry is no stranger to Anti-Social Behaviour and sadly this means that residents tolerance toward it is higher than other areas.

Anti-social Behaviour is unacceptable, however big or small the incident and it must be reported.

As a community we are pulling out all of the stops to improve the reputation of our town and we refuse to be stalled by this.

Enough is enough”

Get in touch with your Councillor’s:

Cllr Warren Ward:


T: 07581414518

Cllr Irene Williams:


T: 07429 802277

Cllr Joe Walsh:


T: 07856 419965

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