An Open Letter To You
talia jane

You haven’t addressed anything in this second piece. In your first one you never said anything about what you’ve tried to do to better yourself, your position, and your situation. It was all a lengthy diatribe against the CEO of the company you worked for. No one that I’ve talked to, that worked along side you, knew you. You didn’t stand out.

As far as I’m concerned you just clocked in, clocked out, and went home. That mediocre effort is not going to land you the CMO position making dank memes all day long. I’m sorry, but I still have no sympathy for you whatsoever. You live near your father… you moved from Los Angeles, and didn’t research how expensive The Bay is? I lived in Oakland for eight years, working in IT in San Francisco. When I first got there, I needed roommates because it is expensive. But with proper budgeting, and that GO GETTER ATTITUDE — I rose up in the ranks. I didn’t bitch and moan about what I thought I was entitled to.

And like my response to your original diatribe… That was not the struggle. You had full benefits paid. You had food at the office. You were buying bourbon, and proscuitto. If it weren’t for your arrogance and nasty attitude, I would have felt sorry for you. I wouldn’t have donated, because no one gave me that when my ribs were touching. When I literally had nothing in my fridge, and I passed out eating a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli for 99c from the liquor store.

Man the fuck up, and grow a pair. Calling the CEO out for you not planning, not budgeting, and not understanding how to work your way up through a corporate environment is not the way to go. Especially not in The Bay Area.

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