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I am a student in a class that could mostly be skipped had it not be required to graduate. English 12 is like the Yellow Speed signs on a highway, no one pays attention. So here I am forced in this class to complete a project. Luckily the directions were vague enough. “Learn something new”. So I’m learning how to make Carne Asada Fries. I plan to include Carne Asada, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Shredded Cheese, Beans, and the most important bit: the fries.I will use mainly an oven for fries, a skillet to cook the carne asada. Fries are difficult to cook in the oven, so they have to be tiny in order to even taste well. I wish I had a deep-fryer but my family are heathens and do not own one. The rest of the ingredients will be bought in the store. I want to achieve this goal because I love Carne Asada fries and I need to do something for this project in order to pass English so might as well learn something I’ll enjoy. Carne Asada fries are delicious and I can’t wait to make and eat my very own version.

Weekly Happiness Update 2/24

Unfortunately, although I tried with all will within, I could not summon the ability to go to the market to buy the ingredients. The week went by fast, with me having High School, Night Classes, Sleep, and the very important task of doing my English homework.Although, I did find the will to do some extensive research and acquire samples from an establishment with items of the same theme as my project. The establishment, Taco Bell, sells a multitude of items that are delicious at a low price. I myself got a taco and some quesadillas. They were good, and real, unlike certain Carne Asada fries that need to be made. My concept of Carne Asada fries are more difficult to implement than I previously thought. Even with the best plans and resources, things can go awry. Life happens like that, sometimes an event happens and you’re forced to react to it. How you react to said events are an important metric of yourself. I should react to the event of me not going to the store, by going to the store.

Update of Week 3/2

I still did not go to the store for this week. In fact the only thing I remember about this week are Presidential Primary election results. At some point in time I had sampled various Carne Asada Fries. It turns out that the quality of meat greatly affects the overall experience. Carne Asada fries from Rubertitos

in Fallbrook aren’t the most gourmet, but they do have a certain taste in them that once in while they are fantastic. However I made the mistake of not waiting the proper amount of time, and ordered them again. The second time around these were not so tasty. The same is true with McDonald's food, if I have it too often(as in, more than once every 2 months) it becomes gross. It looks quite tasty, but over time the taste disappears. The amount of food is staggering and every time I make the mistake of attempting to eat it all. For hours all I know is pain.

Update of week 3/9/15

I have learned that why bother with making your own Carne Asada Fries, when you can just buy some? Isn’t that what Capitalism is all about? I went to Alberto’s by the Regal 8 Movie Theater and had some tasy Carne Asada Fries:

The ingredients I found much better than the example listed above. Halfway through this meal the most peculiar thing happened inside the restaurant. A Pigeon decided to fly in through the open door. The building enclave had mostly glass walls, so the Pigeon spent a solid 3–4 minutes attempting to breach glass. It must have been as frustrating as technology is to the elderly. A bystander took it upon himself to escort said pigeon outside. Perhaps in the pigeon’s mind he felt that there was magical barrier blocking his way, and that he was trapped in his(Note: I assume it was a he, because he didn’t want to ask for directions). If I ever get trapped in a situation, I’ll know that asking for directions helps!.

Final Reflection

During the course of this project I gleaned various things. Through the Arcane Paths of procrastination, I am more experienced in small life lessons. Things go awry and sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Repeating the same event makes it dull, change life up a bit! Finally, when you’re a pigeon trapped inside a restaurant, do not be afraid to ask for directions! Learning something new is a journey that doesn’t always end up at where you expected.

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