Baseboard radiators or Warmboard? Take a look at the benefits of infloor radiant heat

The adoption of fin-tube baseboard convectors became increasingly common in the early 1940’s. These space heating convectors consisted of small copper pipe contained within a painted sheet metal enclosure. Fitted around the exterior of the copper pipe were hundreds of aluminum square fins. Today, this technology is relatively unchanged.

Fin-tube baseboard convectors distribute heat into a room via 160–180ºF (71–82ºC) water which circulates though the heating element. A natural convection process takes place as cold air enters the bottom of the element, is heated and then lifted as it comes in contact with the hot element and released back into the room.

Baseboard radiators have many benefits. They operate silently, respond quickly and are more comfortable and efficient than forced air systems. And they also allow for zoning. But baseboard radiators do run very hot, requiring very high water temperatures increasing the stratification of the air. They limit furniture placement and interior design options and their sheet metal enclosures can be easily damaged. They also get dirty, filling up with dust and spider webs.

In contrast is Warmboard, radiant heating panels that circulates warm water beneath the floor. Our highly conductive panels produce heat quickly and evenly throughout creating a comfortable environment that is quiet and energy efficient. No stratification to worry about, no dust, no limitations to your design aesthetic.

Why Warmboard?

Warmboard offers powerful radiant heating panels. Our technology works by circulating warm water through tubing located every 12" over a thick 1060 aluminum alloy veneer. This combination of aluminum and warm water creates a paramount level of comfort and efficiency. When operating, every square inch of the finish floor becomes a singular heating panel. One thousand square feet of Warmboard produces the same amount of heat as 60 linear feet of baseboard heat.

Our company offers two unique products, both with the same superior performance. Warmboard-S is a structural subfloor panel ideal for new home construction. Warmboard-R is our smaller, thinner panel designed specifically for remodels.

Desirable Warmboard features

• The entire floor is releasing a radiant heat wave, creating the ultimate amount of comfort for every location in the room

• Eliminates cold tile and hardwood floors; these finish floors are heated to a 75- 85˚F (24–30ºC) surface temperature

  • Warmboard panels operate silently

• No aesthetic sacrifices or restrictions on interior design

• Low water temps 80–110ºF (38–49ºC) during operation and a radiant heat transfer (not convection) will cause a noticeable savings on the gas oil or electricity used

• Ability to zone different rooms

• No place for dust mites or spider webs to congregate, a clean and healthy indoor environment. Warmboard also does not circulate viruses or allergens and can eliminate incidences of asthma

• Interfaces seamlessly with alternative energy, such as a geothermal heat pumps and solar, due to the low design water temperatures