How radiant heating works and what makes it work better

A radiant panel works by conducting heat from water in a tube to the surface of your floor and into your home. It’s that simple. This is why conductivity is the single most important thermodynamic property of a radiant system. The higher the conductivity, the more efficient that transfer of heat.

But we already know this. There’s a reason why pans are made of aluminum and not concrete. It also explains why thick aluminum frying pans bottoms work better than thin ones.

Warmboard is engineered to take the maximum advantage of the laws of thermodynamics. Our panels use an aluminum alloy that is 30% more conductive than any other radiant product. Warmboard’s thick aluminum plate covers every square inch of our panels and is in direct contact with your finish floor material, ensuring the heat passes easily into your home.

These thermographic images above show the very real and significant differences in performance between a low conductivity (Quik Trak) and high conductivity (Warmboard) system. The differences are obvious. Higher output, more even floor surface temperatures and much faster response.