Radiant Retrofit

If you are thinking about remodeling your home keep in mind that radiant heating is one of the best investments that you can make. Not only is radiant heat a solid investment for resale value, but it is also unparalleled in terms of comfort, efficiency and healthy indoor air quality.

Some of the top reasons to include radiant floor heating in a remodel project are:
- Constant, comfortable heat
- Lower energy bills
- Compatibility with geothermal and solar systems
- Much cleaner indoor air quality
- Quiet, peaceful environment
- Unlimited design freedom (no floor registers, no baseboard radiators, and no wall or ceiling chases)

In 2011 Warmboard developed and began selling their retrofit panel, Warmboard-R, to better serve the remodel market. Warmboard-R is 13/16” thick and provides the same superior panel performance as the original 1–1/8” thick Warmboard panel. This slimmer profile and smaller panel size is ideal for retrofits where the full strength of the 1–1/8” Warmboard is not required. It’s also an ideal solution for radiant cooling or where a ceiling or wall installation is desirable to preserve existing floor coverings.

Warmboard-R shares the same superior heating performance as the original, award-winning Warmboard panel, as both are made with the same thick, highly conductive 1060 alloy aluminum. Thermodynamically identical, both products provide the same benefits of comfort and energy efficiency.

When planning your remodel, consider a radiant heat retrofit. The benefits of are plentiful, it adds tremendous value to your home, and heating is truly one of the most important environments in any home.

Click here to learn more about our retrofit radiant heat panel, Warmboard-R, and click here to see some pictures of remodels in action.

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