Warmboard Works: Dovetail Design-Build

In issue of Warmboard Works, we have a terrific message from Architect Reinhart Struzyna of Dovetail Design-Build in Philadelphia PA.

As an architect who specializes in custom residential design, I have come to appreciate Warmboard as the state-of-the-art in radiant heating. Though

“I’ve had experience with other radiant applications including in-slab and aluminum fin under subfloor types, Warmboard is the best because it places the source of heat closest to the finish floor — and its low mass enables rapid changes to floor temperatures during swing seasons.{C}

It also is an ideal complement to geo-thermal systems since it works very efficiently at relatively low fluid temperatures. My customers have been thrilled with the comfort and economy of their Warmboard systems, and, as an architect, I was pleased with the excellent and timely technical support and documentation. The fact that Warmboard also acts as the structural subfloor, makes it a cost-effective solution when considering the overall cost of labor for radiant systems.”

Dovetail Design-Build has over 35 years of experience in architecture, construction, construction management and interior design. The company specializes in the design and construction of custom homes, additions, renovations, interior architecture, furnishings and garden structures.

Dovetail Design-Build
6611 Wissahickon Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119
215–848–6876 (office) / 215–266–6289 (cell) / 215–848–8319 (fax)

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