Warmboard Works: Jack Kazmierski, Happy Homeowner

In this installment we talk to a customer who made his Canadian basement cozy and comfortable using Warmboard.

“I contacted Warmboard back in 2006 when I was working on a project for The Toronto Sun newspaper. We were showing the readers of our Homes section how to properly finish a basement — from raw concrete to cozy comfort. Canadian basements are a miserable place to spend time in — especially during our very cold winters. The worst part is probably the floor. No matter what you put down on the floor — tile, carpet, a wood subfloor with one of the above on it, the floor always seems a bit too cold for bare feet.

The obvious solution was a heated floor, but the traditional approach with PEX piping and poured concrete seemed like a headache. The Warmboard solution, on the other hand, made perfect sense.

It was easy to install. We screwed the Warmboard panels into the concrete floor with a dimpled, heavy-duty plastic membrane (DELTA-FL) sandwiched in between the concrete and the Warmboard panels — just as an extra insurance policy against moisture. We then topped the Warmboard panels with engineered wood.

Fast-forward to 2012 and the basement is one of the favourite places in the entire home — especially when it’s minus 20 outside. The floors are warm, and the heat radiates upwards turning the entire basement area into the cozy and comfortable place we set out to create when we started the project.”

Jack Kazmierski
Burlington, Ontario

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