Warmboard Works: Northeast Radiant Technology, LLC.

In this installment, we hear from Mechanical Engineer Rob Brown of Northeast Radiant Technology, LLC in Gardiner, ME.

“NRT typically designs our heating and cooling systems to use as little energy as possible. For our own shop, we knew we wanted to push that strategy as far as it could go, using such technologies as a Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump, and radiant floor heating and cooling in our very well insulated building.

When the time came to choose our radiant floor method, we chose Warmboard for our upper level because we knew it would provide the highest possible output for our high temperature cooling and low temperature heating needs. As a result, we heat our shop with 85–95º water all winter long, and we cool our shop with 55 degree water all summer. This is a performance that would be difficult to achieve without Warmboard’s high conductivity and continuous aluminum coverage. Especially with radiant cooling, every square foot of aluminum coverage we can get helps the cause.

The Warmboard install was as fast as a radiant install can possibly be. Since we followed american standard framing practices, building on a 4x8 grid, we had literally no panel waste and the panel and tubing installation was barely a blip in the construction schedule. In fact, in our case Warmboard panel and tubing installation barely took longer than the foam, mesh, and tubing installation did for the lower level slab.

The efficiency of our heat pump is meeting all expectations and it has allowed us to be on track to achieve net-zero energy usage in our shop in the upcoming year! Naturally, comfort level in the shop is impeccable as well, from subzero Maine winter nights to 95º summer days with high humidity and every condition in between.”

Northeast Radiant Technology is a design, supply, and fabrication company that specializes in in high performance, low energy mechanical systems for residential and light commercial clients since 2002. From radiant heating and cooling systems to ventilation and air cooling, NRT provides education, materials, design and support to deploy the best in modern indoor environmental quality systems.

Northeast Radiant Technology, LLC
11 Technology Drive
Libby Hill Business Park
Gardiner, ME 04345
ph 207–582–8721 Ext. 202
fax 207–582–8755

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