If Flags are Symbols: Let the Damn Thing Fly

This debate over the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of the South Carolina state house is absolutely on point and off point. Yes, it’s a symbol that offends. Look no further than the writings of some during the period leading up to and during the American Civil War. Look no further than the fact that it was hoisted above the South Carolina state house as a symbol of defiance during the struggle for Civil Rights in this country 100 years later.

It’s a divisive symbol that represents a view of life that most (not all) would like to see disappear from the planet, our memories, and our lives.

It won’t. So, I say let the damn flag fly to constantly remind us that the flag represents and is represented by those who would prefer division and subjugation as a way of life.

Flags are meant to be rallied around, so the lyric goes. As long as there are those who, out of belief or cowardice, continue to rally around this one, I think it does the rest of us good to see them coming with their colors unfurled, rather than lurking in the shadows with mealy-mouthed euphemisms that disguise what’s in their hearts. If it is such an important brand, let them be branded with it like some sort of wind-blown scarlet letter.

I’d rather know someone prefers evil straight up, then have to sniff out the source of the stench that permeates all around them.