Necessary Evils: Facebook

There are many necessary evils one has to navigate through and around these days. Taxes. Congress. Fake News. Fake politicians. Pot Holes. Heavy traffic. Spam. Some necessary evils aren’t all that necessary. Some aren’t all that evil. But when they jump up and grab your attention, slow you down, get in the way, or just become a nusiance, there are times that having control of nuclear weapons feels like a good solution.

Take Facebook. Please.

Many enjoy it. Many do not. I have a love/hate relationship with this socially acceptable and socially despised social network that wants to take over the Internet. This week it’s celebrating having 2 billion users. I question that number. I question that number because I get several fake user friend requests a day. (In case you are counting those count as a double evil- Facebook could put a stop to it if it wanted to-and certainly not necessary.)

Today the Facebook 2 billion user celebration and this continuing stream of fake friend requests bumped uglies in a typically internet way with these two back-to-back notifications on my phone.

Kya Milbauer is fake (at least I assume and hope so), full of pornographic promise, and probably counted, at least for some period of time, in Facebook’s user totals.

Seeing these kind of things happen a few times a day doesn’t make me want to celebrate or accept your thanks Facebook.

Getting rid of this crap might warrant that in the future. But it’s a numbers game, not a users game, no matter how you slice up the algorithm. With all the talk of Fake News these days, and the trouble you find yourself in for other behaviors, you’d think you would at least like to clean up your act when it comes to allowing Fake Users to send pornographic crap around your site. Doing so is necessary. Not doing so is unnecessarily evil.

Oh, and I bet if link to this on Facebook, most of those who follow my feed won’t see it pop up in theirs.

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