Mastering a Skill

Organization is a skill everyone should master early in his or her life; as this will become an invaluable tool throughout one’s career. Good organizational skills can lead to career advancement and open up opportunities that might otherwise not have been available. Many may not view organization as a skill, merely as a helpful aid, I take a different view. Organization is a tool that will serve one many times and make one a valued asset to any employer. Within the next few paragraphs I will share examples through personal experience on how organization has helped me and that this is a key skill that will be necessary in any job one performs. I will give details and cite specifics on how organization can reduce ones time spent on tasks and projects as well as reducing daily stress.

In all my jobs past, every one of them started with some project that called for immediate organization. My first job with Child Support Enforcement started in the archived files unit. Files were simply piled in boxes in disarray. There was no filing system to speak of; indeed half of the files were not even in a folder. My task was set to organize and create a filing system. As one can see organization was needed here; however this was even more important than one may at first see. I needed to develop a system for going through the files before I could organize them into a filing system.

I made my plan; I went through every box simply organizing them into alphabetical order. Once I had them alphabetized I took all the loose papers and sorted them out, first by case, placing those stacks into alphabetical order and going through the files I had already put in order and inserting the missing documents. I accomplished all this within my first month of being there; a job they thought would easily take me four to six months!

Throughout this process, I had also discovered files that were not supposed to be in the archives, they were still active cases! Through my organizational skills and meticulous filing I located files that they had presumed lost or accidentally destroyed. They would have had to admit to the clients that they had lost their files. I saved them embarrassment and from having irate clients through organization.

I was overseen by the District Manager himself who was extremely impressed by my performance. He was so impressed that even though I had only been there for four months as a volunteer I was offered a job. The reason for the offer was my ability to organize effectively and save time.

Saving time is a benefit to being organized. If one is organized one will find that every day job functions as well as massive projects can be easily accomplished in record time. Taking 15 minutes in the morning to plan and organize ones day, setting up tasks and scheduling breaks throughout will expedite ones work load. Allowing for a well organized plan before attempting a daunting project will assure a completed project presented on time and without error.

Another benefit to organization would be the reduction of errors. If one take the time to organize ones projects and tasks into a plan there is little to no room for error. Every aspect of the job has been meticulously planned out in an organized manner; that will aid one in completing a job one can be proud of.

Work, school, and life can be stressful; mastering the skill of organization can reduce that stress. Organization can provide one with a since of stability in any chaotic situation. When faced with everyday tasks and new challenges having the basic skill of organization can prepare one to take them head-on; this gives one an edge, an extra something that ones competition does not have. Employers can be very demanding these days and expect 110% of one. One needs to have the skills that will put one at the top of the employer’s list for potential employees. Organization can increase ones confidence and add to ones abilities and skills; this can give one a little added strength to ones resume’ and ensure one a position in the career one chooses. By mastering the basic skill of organization one will save time and produce quality work; which will reduce stress and impress ones employer and colleagues, thereby advancing ones career goals and securing ones future. Who would not benefit from a skill that can give one all that?