Is the “freemium” obsolete?

It’s my opinion that People are getting tired of going to your website to opt-in to a “freemium”/guide/PDF/etc just because you tell them to. Hear me out.

There is obviously great value in figuring out how to get someones email address- but consider other call to actions. Such as going live with the “why” of something and some initial steps on getting started- then closing with offering a more deep dive, step-by-step application if they opt-in. These should rotate and change depending on what problems your target market is facing.

With so much attention on social media you’ll really want to deliver the value up front before assuming that “If they’re interested, they’ll opt-in”

This isn’t always the case- most are pressed for time. If you want to build a better relationship with your followers today- you’ll have to teach someone how to get from point A to point B- not promise them B with zero incentive other than perceived extreme case studies and the opt-in template of “3 benefits your prospect can expect to receive”. Your prospects are skeptical- and not necessarily because of you — but the hundreds of other BAD advertising posts they see on Facebook weekly. It’s hard to argue or be suspicious of great practical information.

I know this goes against what most marketing consultants are teaching- but when I look at spike in opt-ins and follows rates of my clients and friends- they’re all ACTUALLY teaching/demonstrating — go figure, right?

What are your thoughts?