Should I Separate My Personal & Business Instagram Account?

Instagram, now more than ever, is highly preference driven. There is an individual algorithm in place that scores the relevancy of each piece of content you post for each of your followers interactions.

For Example, let’s say you post a photo/video/infographic that others shared with their friends by tagging them in the comments section, since the post was relevant to them they visit your profile & chose to click the follow button under the assumption that you will be providing more content like what they just interacted with. But, much to their dismay it ends up being a photo of you “loving life”, a super cute photo of your cat/dog, a quote loosely related to your business that happens to resonate with you, or even worse…you change lanes completely and promote X,Y, Z.

Making the assumption that the audience that initially discovered you for your business/ thought leadership is going to interact with your personal photos is not something you want to bet on. In fact, you risk the future attention of legitimate customers that are in the “courting” phase.

Imagine having a conversation with Instagram’s algorithm…

You (Mad): Instagram?! Why is this post only getting 27 likes? I have 523 followers for God’s sake!

Instagram (Zero emotion) : Well, 372+ users didn’t interact with the last 2 posts from your account, so we’re going to move up content that they are interacting with in their timeline to increase their overall time spent using Instagram. We have to take into account that your most recent posts are objectively not catching these users’ attention and improve their user experience.

A follow on Instagram today can be thought of as a temporary book mark in that person’s life. You have a CHANCE with a new follower to keep your account at the top of their timeline. Instagram will even give your profile preference initially, but if you sway too far away from your brand promise- it can take days to get your photos/videos moved back up to a position to be seen by more of your followers. As a business, every time time you post, think of the value you are providing the community as a whole and not a work/life balance profile aesthetic. This gets many business owners in trouble.

People are DESPERATE for practical applications to the problems that you have experience solving as a business owner/thought leader. In my experience, the majority of your followers will come once you truly educate and empower your community by giving them information they can implement and share NOW.

What has been your experience with this? Comment your thoughts/further questions below.

-Warren K. Carlyle IV
Instagram Growth Strategist

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PSS: So, the short answer to the question of this article is YES, with respect to the dynamic of Instagram’s algorithm, you should separate the two. Don’t be misled by celebrity & anomaly accounts.