Should you buy Instagram Followers?

REAL CONVERSATION I had earlier this week:

Them: “But if I wanted to — whats the most credible site to buy a ton of followers? I don’t think my boss knows how social media works- he just wants high numbers”

Me: “No.— just no.”

These could be the conversations your employees or consultants are having. YIKES.

I’m aware that as much as I teach about the importance cultivating the ‘right follower’ there will be a naive business owner/account holder that, as a side effect, get’s taken advantage of. (still pisses me off, especially when I’m the one playing damage control)

This shouldn’t be you though- Someone who is informed about social media should immediately inquire…

“Wow, 50k followers! What does engagement look like? What percentage of those 50k are actively commenting or, when asked, taking you up on your call to actions?”

If we change the conversation to effectiveness, these same business owners will have a better metric to hold themselves & their employees to.

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Warren Carlyle
Instagram Growth Strategist