Serious Concerns Regarding Food Safety & Security

In the present world scenario, most of the things are not safe. Virtually, each and everything is compromised or contaminated. You cannot trust anyone or anything anymore to be clean and honest including food. Have you ever gone for shopping? So while shopping, you might have selected various types of food stuff, right. Now, if we ask you, how do you select it then your most probable answer is that you select it on the basis of the brand. Now here is the catch, what will be your most probable reaction, when we mention that it has not been certified by the food safety department of the government and government authorized bodies for safe consumption. Then normally you will certainly avoid that branded food packet for the rest of your natural life.

Here, a question arises such as how it is confirmed that if the food is certified or not. The answer is very simple, regular food safety audits are conducted internally and externally to ascertain that the finished form of food output is safe for mass public distribution and consumption. Internal audits are conducted by the particular food company itself and external audit is conducted by the food safety department of the particular country’s government otherwise some government authorized agencies like ‘Food Safety Specialists’ comes into the picture to conduct external audit or scrutiny.

All such audits are conducted by a food safety auditor. It doesn’t matter, if the auditor is from the company or from out of the company, his primary job is to audit all the food manufacturing units, storage facilities, working & functioning of equipment's, workers and activeness of the quality department of the food production and many more. After the final report of the audit has been complied, it is submitted to the top & core executives of the company. After going through the report, it is the duty & responsibility of the owner of the company to execute certain changes & enhancements in the production facilities to improve the quality of the food that will ultimately protect the reputation of the company.

In order to get full numbers in the audit, it is the duty of the company’s owner to implement certified HACCP training programme for the mid & low level managers including factory workers that will help them to learn some basic steps that will help them in improving the quality. This is the way a company’s product is tagged safe for consumption.

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