In the beginning you showered me with gold, beautiful gold, the kind that will never get old.

Gold so blinding, I could hardly see, even after being told by those dear to me.

After years of pain, covered with gold, this can’t go on, I gotta break this mold.

I now realize it all came with a price, I’m starting to see clearly, you really aren’t nice.

All of my tears finally tarnished your gifts, It’s time for you to go, that’s my only wish.

Today is the day and I show you the door, but you turned with a darkness I’ve never seen before.

His fist went up and threatened to kill by the end, please don’t do this, I’m a mother and friend.

I surprise myself, and force him to the floor, the hell with you, I will take this no more.

Looking down the tunnel, and I see you start to shiver, should I now tell you, to go make my dinner?

My gold covers lead, but not fake like yours, my lead is hot, much hotter than words.

Six in the clip and one in the chamber, now how’s it feel to be the one in danger.