As I enter you, I take a hold of you entire being. I give you the euphoric feeling that life is wonderful. I make you shake with anticipation of me taking away any pain you have now or in your past. My hold of you is unstoppable. At times you feel you don’t need me, but you always find an excuse to be with me. Just think of me and I will always find my way to you.

Friends can’t stop me, family can’t stop me, the church can’t stop me, I’m unstoppable. Fact is, you can only stop me, but you won’t, you need me. I don’t need you….but I want you. All of you. Your love grows for me everyday. Everyday is different but I can adjust to exactly what you want. Please, have me all day. Do whatever it takes to embrace me everyday. I promise, I will always be here. The day you leave this earth, my job is done. Who’s next? What’s your ADDICTION?