We stand side by side with our hands above our heads, you had best believe our dream is not dead.

Everyone is chanting and the atmosphere is tense, man woman and child on the opposite sides of the fence.

Nerves come over us as it’s almost time to leave. At some point we will go, but now is the time to believe.

The city’s uniformed gladiators won’t go down without a fight, stares and insults have us wound up tight.

Blood has been spilled high on every level, down with this team that we call the devil.

Hear our battle cry, feel our pain, we’ve been down for too long, it’s our time to reign.

The time is now as we bring our voices to a silence. The time is up, no need for more violence.

Prayers are abundant as the kick takes flight. Splitting the uprights to all our delight! Playoffs, here we come.