Did 73 Million Americans Rig the Election?
Chad Grills

Assumptions from sketchy math, no matter how well written, do not make fact.

To start, there’s no need for fuzzy math. The exact numbers for real votes are public record. I don’t follow this closely, but even I have seen reports of huge numbers voting in the past primary season where they switched parties or woke up to a new agenda. This is smaller than we’d like to see and covered up by media that panders to the lowest common denominator stories about personality and minutiae. There’s a story there, and some hope in the data.

There’s nothing wrong with reminding readers that not voting is making a choice but here you are calling out 73 million people you know nothing about. It’s this kind of shallow name calling that’s ruined the political process. There is no way these people rigged anything. They don’t even know each other. There is no coordinated effort.

You’ve also used the same myths that have been dumped on us by the real conspirators. The Democrats and Republican incumbent parties who benefit by keeping out any real divergent views. You left out Gary Johnson, candidate from an established party.

I take my decision whether to vote to be more sacred than a choice between two bad people, or a slate of straw men from the establishment.

The system has been corrupted by the Congressional Military Industrial complex. Instead of bashing the disenfranchised, lets offer real data, and assume their intentions are good, it is neither of the two Riges parties, and I will not waste my vote on either of them.

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