Why I Stopped Being a Grammar Snob
Mary Rolf

I prefer to think of how the study of grammar, speeling, and proper English have helped me to understand ideas expressed by other humans.

Judging others for superficial actions has not helped me so I am learning to accept the speaker as is, and seek to understand his meaning.

I grew up witnessing my Father’s inability to discern “hear” from “here” and often chided him. About 40 years into this, I found that I had lost that ability myself. Know I wish he was around to discuss it.

I know the rules and I haven’t stopped trying to follow the grammar I was taught as a child. Now I know it’s a minor importance.

NOTE: No apologies for “speeling” here. I’ve added it to my dictionary that way so it’s easy to use wherever someone catches typos, speeling and grammar error in my writings. :)