The Hustle Myth
Tim Fargo

If I accepted your definition of hustle, I’d agree with you 100%. Hustle can be described as “doing what it takes to get results”. That’s what makes people successful.

From what I see, you may be using hustle to describe “feeling busy”. I support fighting that myth.

Employee often try to look busy. Taught that in a school system where educators and parents see a kid sitting idle and thinking as a problem to solve.

As bad as looking busy is, it not as bad as an adult who tries to improve themselves by doing what they think comes next. Feeling busy is going to get results

Personally, I’ve never done an all nighter on purpose (I’ve occasionally works through the night, loving what I’m was doing, ignoring the clock). I know that feeling rest, focusing of family and fun, and living healthy will get far better results than putting in hours

A semantically difference for you and me. I thought I should add it because working smart is hustle. Working hard is jus work.

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