Why Are We Fighting the Crypto Wars Again?
Steven Levy

Sure doesn’t feel like a reboot. More like they’ve never given up on a dream to negate the 4th amendment.

I’ve been thinking how the backdoors are parallel to law enforcements right to search private property. To do so they need a warrant and then access. Usually leaving broken doors or a mess so everyone knows where they have been

Current requests are like making everyone mail in a key so government can walk right in anytime they say they have permission.

We would be require to rust them with the keys.

But wait, there’s more. All they have to do is speak the sacred words (9/11) and then they would be able to force the lock maker to rekey all locks and hand over the master

Add the code word “terrorist” and they get to require that a door be installed. The key is optional. As they require lock picking kits and instructions for the newly installed doors

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