Hi Joe
John Siegrist

Perhaps I was a little unclear. I speak of this as to English readers, who speak and read English. I don’t know what a good Spanish translation would be, because I do not speak Spanish.

You said it yourself though:

“So far as they are faithful to the meaning God intended in those original manuscripts, any translation is a good one.”

The problem is, the aren’t faithful to the Word of God. They’re corrupted translations. They remove hundreds of words that are intended to be in the scriptures for the sake of “simplifying” them.

If you can, I highly recommend going on Facebook, and going to the page “KJV 1611", it has a lot more proof than I could provide here.

Anyway, I must say that I have greatly enjoyed debating with you. You’ve helped me learn even more about this subject,and become better at talking about and defending it. :)

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