Warrior Trading Review — the Good and the Bad

Warrior Trading Review

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We’re going to take a look at the popular day trading Chat Room and trading course provider, Warrior Trading. Warrior Trading is a provider of day trading and swing trading education, but in addition to teaching classes they operate a chat room and a trading simulator platform. Warrior Trading is led by Ross Cameron, and three moderators, Jeff, Mike, and Ed. Between these four traders / instructors, they offer a variety of strategies that can appeal to a wide range of traders or investors. The pricing for Warrior Trading starts at $149/mo for Chat Room Membership, and goes as high as $4999 for their Warrior Pro Trading Mentor course. I will review their Chat Room, Trade Alerts, and Trading Results.

Warrior Trading Chat Room Environment

We’ll start by reviewing the Warrior Trading Chat Room (starting at $149/mo). This is where most traders will find themselves. The day trading chat room is an advanced web conferencing platform that allows presenters or moderators to share their screens of stock charts and scanners, talk over live audio, and stream their webcam. This creates a very personal and real-time trading atmosphere. Ross runs the chat room on live Audio/Video every morning starting around 9am and running until just before the Lunch Hour. I look forward to seeing him each morning. He’s a very friendly, supportive, and intelligent person. I can tell he goes out of his way to support beginner traders, while still keeping the room running in an organized way for the professional traders. On an average morning they have 600–700 active traders in the room. Out of all the chat rooms I’ve tried, this is the largest. You will find it’s the largest and most popular, because they provide the best quality service.

Warrior Trading Day Trading Chat Room

Ross calls out his trades live over the audio feed during the morning trading session. The moderators Mike, Jeff, and Ed, post their entries in an announcement bar on the right hand side of the chat room. They sometimes also come on the audio feed to announce their trades. Ross seems to trade 4–6 times on an average morning, and his trades are usually based on his watch list. He posts a free watch list each morning here. He also actively trades off scanners that are powered by Trade-Ideas. Since Jeff is a swing trader, his alerts are also sent out through an email and text service. This allows part-time traders who are working a 9–5 to also participate.

Warrior Trading Results

I have been trading successfully for several years so I joined Warrior Trading to simply be part of a community of traders. Since joining I have continued to be profitable, and I benefit from the moderators daily watch lists, and their trade alerts. I make my own decisions, but it helps me a lot to know what other professional traders are doing and thinking. This review posted the question is Warrior Trading Review: is Warrior Trading a Scam? The answer was no.

I was impressed when Ross did a 1 month challenge in a $1k Suretrader account where he made a 750% return trading the same strategies he teaches. The entire challenge was verified with account records. This showed me that Ross is not only a very talented trader, but that the strategies he teaches work with real money.

I understand that the profits each trader might make can vary widely based on experience, risk tolerance, position sizing, and the number of strategies simultaneously used. While not everyone will be profitably, Warrior Trading provides the best opportunity for new traders. The combination of education and actionable trade ideas is exactly what beginner traders need in order to learn to trade.

Day Trading Courses by Warrior Trading

When the market closes at 4pm, Ross and the other instructors open a separate chat room for day trading course students. Every Tues/Thurs they have what they call Mentor Sessions. These are essentially open office hours for your college professor. Students login and ask questions about trades they’ve taken or questions they have on classes. All of the Warrior Trading Courses are available as streaming Vimeo videos. They are password encrypted so only students are allowed to view them. Each class is about 1hr long and is accompanied by a PDF Course Book. Since I’m already a full time and profitable trader I haven’t paid for, or viewed the entire course, but I did request to view 1 class to see what it’s like. Ross was happy to give me access. I also spoke when several students in the chat room about their experiences with the classes and found an overwhelmingly positive response. Unlike many trading classes or instructors, the team at Warrior Trading is committed to answering every question from their students. They aren’t bragging about their profits and flashing stacks of money. Instead they focus on teaching even the most intricate details required to be successful. It’s a breath of fresh air!

Final Thoughts on Warrior Trading

If you are interested in getting started trading you will not be disappointed by checking out the Warrior community. This Warrior Trading Review highlights the important combination of providing both education and actionable trade alerts. Many beginner traders will foolishly try to mirror trade (follow a leader trade for trade), but Ross and the moderators at Warrior Trading actively discourage that behavior. Instead, they offer you something better. They offer the opportunity to learn exactly why they take the trades they take, where they enter, where the exit, and what it takes to generate profits from the stock market. Most beginner traders fail, but at Warrior Trading they are setting themselves up for success. I will happily refer my friends and fellow traders to Warrior Trading.

TickerTV Channel

Warrior Trading hosts a TickerTV Channel where you can check out their trading strategies! Click here to check it out.