Culture as a Condition

This is our society, and all its hopes and dreams, being shit-sifted to different boxes without our consent. And all that is left is the glittery dream-covered turds that have managed to arregate, which get thrown out. Our society is like kitty litter, folks. Just how we like it. Credit: Luuup Litter Box

We live in a box of culture.

Everywhere we go there is walls that stop us from becoming more than what the culture has to offer. We are indoctrinated starting from birth to accept these walls and forced throughout our life in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to follow it to a T, without question. Any questioning usually leads to being ostracized and kicked out of the tribe.

This indoctrination involves how we are educated, how we dress, how we understand ourselves (or lack that understanding), how we cook and eat, how we “work”, and how we live on a day-to-day basis, including many other aspects of our life.

It’s kind of disgusting when you really start questioning it.

Right now, I am seeing it mostly in how we eat and the health care system. We are so heavily inundated with shitty processed foods that lack all of the essential biological components needed for healthy living. Processed shit foods are the cheapest, therefore the most available. Having quality whole-foods such as fruits and veggies, naturally fermented products, and other “old-world” foods that contain all of the important biological components (enzymes, starches, proteins, etc.) are usually 2x the price, only available to those with decent living wages.

You want good food and good health? Well you better work 9 hours a day at a stressful/droning and sit-down/tighten-up desk-job to just have the OPTION to that. Good luck balancing healthy cooking and a balanced lifestyle on top of that. From there, you are left with maybe 4–6 more hours in your day of quality time. No wonder western civilization suffers from so many health issues now at younger and younger ages. We are set-up to go down this road of stress and health deficits!

Where is the awareness in all of this? Its almost non-existent!

This is also why I don’t like labels. We are all being oppressed/indoctrinated in some from or another, whether you’re trans, black, islamic, a woman, fat, skinny, bald, louisiana-style fried chicken, etc etc etc. Some more than others (i.e. third world countries). It is worth understanding the more surface layers of social issues. However, the dichotomies only halt the problem when you have groups of people fighting each other rather than the root of the issues.

This is a HUMAN problem, not a *insert polarizing label* problem.

P.S. I guess following this logic most social issues come down to classism and overlord-like control using money. I thought I’d add this because it relates pretty closely:

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