Femininity Lost
Emma Lindsay

Hi Emma. I’ve thought about the presentation for attention idea too. If you get a chance, I’d be nice if you were able to comment on the following thoughts.

  1. Women are conditioned to dress “sexy” for men, men aren’t conditioned the same way, though there is an expectation to still look nice — whatever either of those mean.
  2. This goes hand in hand with the male-centric point of view that women’s bodies are sexy, whereas men’s aren’t. We know this to neither be true nor false, but just an impression, and is mostly personal — I’m sure gay men find the male body perfectly sexy. As a straight man, I find a well-toned male body aesthetically more pleasing, but young straight men don’t get the chance to appreciate beauty on it’s own terms without sexual gratification — it seems to be always related to ‘femininity’.
  3. There’s a kind of disconnect with women being able to parade around in “sexy clothing” and men not. Now, I’m not talking about beach or hot day out in the sun. I’m thinking maybe in a school environment where a female teacher might have a tidy dress with straps that shows shoulders, arms and upper chest, whereas you’d never see male teachers showing that much skin. My questions are: Is this that same conditioning? Would it be appropriate for men to wear a vest that showed off that much skin?

These are just some thoughts I’ve been having. Mostly I think it comes down to stereotyping and the patriarchy controlling what is and isn’t “sexy” and what “sexy” is supposed to imply — this last part is important, because it relates directly to the idea that “women are flaunting for attention”.

Personally, I think the idea of, the concepts of, ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ need to be destroyed. They both create ideals that people feel the need to meet, rather than allowing the individual to create themselves.