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Does AI pose a threat to humanity?

2030, 2050, 2025, 2100. These are a few of the dates propagated by experts in artificial intelligence (AI), as to when we will reach the ‘singularity’. This is otherwise known as an ‘intelligence explosion’, where we will achieve what is known as ‘super-intelligence’.

The singularity is when AI exceeds human intelligence, so much so, that it is able to self-replicate and produce more intelligent artificial agents (AA). This event could be a turning point in the history of the human race.

Among philosophers and computer scientists, it is believed that the advent of AI could either be an existential reward, where AI propels the human race forward, or an existential risk, where AI could destroy the human race. …

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If you love building and learning, hackathons are the place to be!

And why should I go to one?

There’s a common misconception regarding the word “Hackathon”. Why would I want to get involved in an event centred around theft, malicious code and destroying systems? Fortunately, this couldn’t be more wrong! As a matter of fact, hackathons are the complete opposite; they are amazing events that encourage creativity, collaboration and the creation of awesome programs/projects.

Stemming from the original meaning of the word ‘hack’, to build/modify/create, hackathons are events designed to push individuals to learn something new, step outside of their comfort zone and meet like-minded people. Hackathons are community meetups for coders and those wishing to learn to code. …



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