The Kingmaker Cometh: the Darkest Night, a Beacon’s Light

A response to: The Forgotten Kingmaker

Only a Fool
Dec 14, 2022

such a surprise, to me,
that so many who worship the King
know so little about
the One
who created him.

the King’s breed
surely extinct
but for the work of one man:
the Kingmaker.

stay where you are
he wears no crown
but a cloak of unsight
corduroys woven of connections

pockets deep, deep, deep
dragging… dragging… dragging…
leaving a trail
of gold flecks
wherever he goes

you ask how i know
i precede the show
set the stage
shake the hands
give a kiss

but the Kingmaker cometh
as you’ll all see soon
from the lips

-Kingmaker’s Apprentice