A Noel from West Portal

by Wasel Choi

A day before Xmas Eve, I came back home from a long day at work. I prepared dinner for my wife & her friend, grabbed my car keys and headed to West Portal neighborhood, my second home.

I parked my car on a foggy night, the houses were decorated by array of Xmas lights. While walking, while approaching my home, I began to hear through distance a noel. A car passed by, I thought the sound came from it, but the noel remained clear in my ears. The sound was pure and live! I continued following the chant until I found its source at my home, West Portal!

A group of pretty girls were standing together, on West Portal & Vicente streets, singing & spreading the yuletide spirit together. I won’t forget this moment ever. I knew these were angels that I won’t see ‘em again. I stayed with ‘em, I felt the thirst of emotions that my heart missed for decades, and I am only three & half decades old! The angels fulfilled my heart, built red Xmas bricks and stored their light inside me deep!

I knew none of their names but angels. They knew none of me but a man with his pen. Although it was dark, I found shade made by their unseen wings. I sat on the shade and they continued smilling at me.

I left their shade to sit behind the window, they knocked on the window, I looked back, they smiled back, I looked again, they smiled again, I went to ‘em and they flew far to the Xmas crescent moon.

I won’t see ‘em again, they won’t see me again.

I passed by next day, I saw none but sound of train whooshing to its destination and I turned back to mine.

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