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This is such a bogus article. You are the middle finger for writing this bunch of lies. The protesters are also the problem. They are becoming what they are accusing Trump supporters of being. In Madison, Wisconsin, Edgewater College is having a fit. They are calling a post it note left on a administration window a hate crime. The campus is full of “scared” and “frightened” students who can’t take a loss in an election. The note said “suck it up, pussies”. This is now a HATE CRIME? Are you kidding me? A bunch of spoiled brats can’t take a loss, something they’ve been programmed to not be able to do since 1st grade and they feel so sad and depressed, someone tells them to suck it up and it’s a HATE CRIME? You need to get some training in how to handle that the world isn’t fair and stop blaming others for your own faults.

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