Top 25 Water-Saving Tips

Keeping the tap running while brushing your teeth means 6 liters of water go down the drain every minute.

2. Buy a water-efficient dishwasher

If you buy an energy efficient dishwasher, it only uses 4 gallons of water per wash, as opposed to the 6–18 gallons of water wasted with older dishwashers.

3.Take shorter showers

Showers can use up to 50 gallons of water in just 10 minutes. Use your time wisely.

4. Do full laundry loads

Whenever you do laundry, always wait until there is enough to fill the machine. This will cut out unnecessary washes in between.

5. Invest in a water meter

With a water meter, you will be able to see how much water you’re using. Not only will you waste less water, but your water utility bills will be cheaper.

6. Use a jug of water

Now every time you want to drink water you will have cold water readily available, instead of having to turn on the tap each time and let the water run until it turns cold.

7. Use a watering can

If you have a garden, or any flowers in pots around your house, use a watering can to water them instead of a hose. A hose uses around 500 liters of water every 30 minutes. Watering in the early morning and late afternoon reduces evaporation and makes the water last longer for the plants.

8. Place a grey water bucket under your drainpipes

This way you can collect rainwater and use that to water your plants.

9. Turn the shower off while cleaning your hair

This will save water because it can take a long time, especially if you have longer hair. Simply turn the water off when applying shampoo and conditioner, then turn it on again to wash it off.

10. Fix leaky taps

Just one single leaky faucet that drips one drop per second, wastes over 3000 gallons of water a year.

11. Wait for the dishwasher to be full before turning it on

This will lower the amount of overall loads that you have to do, thereby saving water.

12. Try meatless Mondays

Meat, especially beef, takes more water to produce than any other food does. Try going one day a week (Mondays) without eating meat to not only feel better, but also consume less of a food that takes so much water to produce.

13. Buy a water-efficient shower head

You can buy shower heads that put out less water per minute, which will instantly save more water.

14. Invest in a water-efficient toilet

Older toilets might waste up to 7 gallons to flush waste. Fortunately, you can now buy toilets that use under 2 gallons of water per flush.

15. Go to an eco-friendly car wash

Research if there are any water efficient car washes in your area. An eco-friendly car wash can save upwards of 100 gallons of water per wash.


16. Don’t thaw food with hot water

Thawing food with hot water is a waste if you can simply put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to defrost instead.

17. Use less water to cook

Cook food in as little water as possible. For example, if you are boiling water to make pasta or boiled potatoes, you don’t need to fill the pot to the top.

18. Reuse leftover cooking water

Next time you steam vegetables, use the leftover water to start a nutritious soup.

19. Take less baths

If you frequently bathe, try taking a shower instead to save water.

20. Reward your children

If you have children and you want to try and get them to use less water, reward them with a treat or prize every time they follow a water saving tip.

21. Reuse your towels

When you are in a hotel, or even at your own house, reuse your towels so you don’t have to wash them as often.

22. Use a pool cover

It helps keeps your pool clean and prevents water loss through evaporation.

23. Leave lawn clippings on the grass

When you cut the grass, leave the lawn clippings there because it will cool the ground and help preserve moisture.

24. Use a broom

Instead of mopping indoors, use a broom to clean the area. Also use a broom to clean patios, sidewalks, and driveways instead of a hose.

25. Use ice cubes on plants

Whenever you have leftover ice cubes from your drink, instead of throwing them in the sink, place them on a plant.



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