Brick-and-Mortar stores are not dead…

Most people think that Brick-and-Mortar stores are collapsing because of the emergence of e-commerce. However, if we look at figures, physical shopping is far from being dead. In the U.S., in 2017, while online sales increased of 16% to represent 13% of market shares, in-store sales still increased of 3,6% with a very large part of market share (Source: Internet Retailer)

Note : This paper will focus about the process for Android apps

TLDR : If you have an android app using the google cloud messaging service the deprecation has been announced which makes the switching necessary to Firebase

As of April 10, 2018, Google has deprecated GCM. The GCM server and client APIs are deprecated and will be removed as soon as April 11, 2019. Migrate GCM apps to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), which inherits the reliable and scalable GCM infrastructure, plus many new features.

With the latest updates of phone systems , user needs and apps it became more…

The Ultimate Guide for First Time Users

A Good Start with Postman : The Ultimate Guide for First Time Users


Testing a backend API is one of the most important part of its creation. Postman let you create all the urls you need and test behavior of each one. But it can be very time consuming. Let’s see some useful tips to save time (and money).

Default Use of Postman

On the first launch, you arrives on a screen like this (depending of your version) :

Context and challenge

At Wassa, we build many applications with Location Based Services (LBS) in various domains such as malls, office buildings, airports, museums… Generally, our customers need localization at first glance. But after using the applications for a few months, their needs evolve towards something more advanced. With notifications, bluetooth, network connectivity, embedded sensors, web services and everything a smartphone could offer. Localization become a first step to more advanced features such as: “Where is my colleague?” “How many of my customers are passing by this store?” “Where is the boarding gate for my plane?” …


At Wassa, we use JIRA in combination with our own development process which contains a code reviewing stage. The default JIRA workflow is not compatible with our process so we need to change it. As you have probably experimented, JIRA is a powerful, complex and extremely customizable tool. However, it is not user friendly at all. This article will show you how to prevent some obstacles we had encountered at Wassa.

Workflows & Workflow schemes

What is it?

Definition can be found in JIRA help, but Workflow are nothing more than simple machine state diagrams for issues. …

Everybody knows how important customer experience is. It can lead to brand visibility and positive reviews to offer a powerful advertising channel. Creating a good user experience is not that easy actually. It requires a deep thinking about what is at stake and what it implies. And rather than a one shot incentive, customer experience must be the highlight of a thorough thinking about a customer-centered strategy (in a holistic way).

Thus, marketing incentive like gamification cannot be deployed only for fun. It must be part of a global strategy.

After understanding what is at stake, let us consider gamification…

The problem

In software engineering, a recurrent problem has been noted in the development process. It appeared that the first 80% of the app are done quite fast, and the effort to finish the last 20% are incredibly huge, and often too huge to be finished. We have more aborted projects in software engineering than in any other domain.

What kind of permissions do you already have in an iOS application ? It is very common for an application to ask for an access to a number of features during its first run: camera, location, media library… However it is recommended to ask them only when necessary and only when the application will use them.

In this article, we will see how and when to ask permission from the user.

How to ask for user permission?

Generally speaking, a permission can have the following status:

  • notDetermined: the user does not have the access authorizations request yet
  • restricted: the app can have restricted permission, for example…

Today, branding content is more and more important for companies. And there is a reason for this : customers’ eyes are far sharper than before and their expectations towards brands are higher than ever. The evolution of the customer behavior has led to new ways to think marketing and branding. For instance, it has created interactive dialogues between a brand and the people who consume their product(s), new forms of influence for selling or brand new means of branding expression.

If the branding expression has evolved, it has been possible thanks to high technologies and experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is…

Learn How to Develop a Custom Camera with Live Preview using AVFoundation on iOS 11

Understanding AVFoundation

AVFoundation is a framework developed by Apple and available on iOS . This framework is used to create, edit and playback media content. It gives direct access to camera and microphone to developers.

In this tutorial we will see how to access the camera stream to perform operation on each frame.

Note: AVFoundation is a high customization framework. If you have an application that only require picture taking for example, you should use the UIImagePickerController.

Building a simple implementation of AVFoundation for live capture

To configure AVFoundation in an application, it is necessary to use a AVCaptureSession. This class owns the different configuration needed to access the camera and…

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