Social Media for Restaurants

Imagery is everything!

When it comes to restaurants and social media, imagery is everything. A focus on great photography can make or break your social presence regardless of platform.

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Think about it, if you’re a $200 prix fixe-only establishment, elegant photos of an immaculate dining room help justify the price. Alternatively, if you’re a cash-only dive, a chipped bar, dim lights, and duct-taped stools perfectly highlight the grunge vibe the patrons you want are looking for.

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Don’t skimp here! Half of getting someone in the door for the first time is showing them your personality and the unique atmosphere you have to offer. Nothing does that better than photography. Let’s take a look at a few examples to illustrate.

“Cute, casual brunch spot”
“Modern American lunch venue”
“Casual corner pizzeria”
“Rustic, warm-weather dinner venue”
“Relaxed, coastal seafood spot”

Each of us makes an immediate judgment about the vibe of the restaurants above a split-second after seeing their photos. They provide an answer to whether or not the venue’s vibe matches our mood. That is exactly why having great photos, that truly capture the essence of your venue, on your social channels is paramount!

Now that you’ve got photos that highlight your venue perfectly, you need a simple tool to optimize them for social sharing. That’s where Pablo, a free tool from Buffer, comes in. It allows you to easily drop your branding and text onto those photos. Check out our recent walk-through here.

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