Baselworld 2016 Preview: The 5 timepieces you should definitely peek at

These are exciting times for watch lovers… Baselworld, the showcase for the greatest horological innovations, is just one month away and the world’s greatest watch brands are releasing exciting previews of their new flagship models. We at Watchmaster can’t wait to explore the splendid range of timepieces at Switzerland and have already collected the greatest timepieces that we’ll definitely take a closer look at.

Some of them are major horological innovations and some are just beautifully designed, but we’re sure that they’ll all win a place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts and all the people who appreciate artful things. Enjoy!

Hublot: Big Bang Unico Sapphire

Probably the most dazzling watch of this year’s Baselworld has been announced by Hublot, whose designers have again acted out their love for unconventional materials. The Big Bang Unico you see below features a transparent case, which is cut from a pure sapphire block.

To fully appreciate this timepiece, you need to know how technically difficult the production of such a housing is. Sapphire is almost as hard as diamond and one of the toughest materials to machine, which is why sapphire cases have only been featured in single pieces and extremely limited editions until now. In contrast, 500 exemplars of Hublot’s timepiece will be crafted… It’s not mass-production, but certainly a horological revolution!

The few case components that are not made from the precious gem are crafted from titan, so you might imagine that the watch is extremely hard and scratch-resistant. Still, it is probably one of the most transparent hublots that you’ll ever see. The skeletonized dial only features a few filigrane bars and plates, which are made from resin.

Below them, you an catch a big glimpse of the HUB1242 chronograph movement which is also used in the other Big Bang Unico models. Made in-house by Hublot and featuring a 72-hour power reserve, it offers some great Swiss watchmaking that will get a nod from any watch snob.

The price point will be around $57,900. If the timepiece has captivated you too, take a look at the other Unico Models we offer.


Omega’s new Speedmaster Moonphase edition has already created quite some buzz and will certainly be one of the most sought-after pieces of the whole Swiss fair. It’s not the first Speedmaster with a Moonphase — the tradition even goes back to 1985, when the Speedmaster Professional Moonphase Ref. 345.0809 was launched.

What’s new and pretty exciting though is the movement. The watch features a Cal. 9904, which is completely made in-house from 386 components. Watch lovers will be amazed to hear that it carries the “master chronometer” certificate, which was created by Omega and the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). It’s a very recent certificate and has only been conferred to one other Omega model (the high-end “Globemaster”) at this point.

As you might know, any watch with a chronometer could be declared as a “king chronometer” or “super chronometer”, because these terms are not really protected. However, Omega really went the hard way here: The label actually implies a unique certification process by an independent institute, which is probably the hardest one in Switzerland today. It is a lot more demanding than the standard chronometer test process and requires a very high durability, precision and magnetic resistance.

Apart from that, the watch features a sporty blue liquidmetal bezel and a blue dial with a small date dial, a chronograph totalizator and the eponymous moonphase display.

The latter is worth a closer look, as it comes with a beautiful high-res image of the moon. . Omega even claims that it is as detailed as a NASA photograph and you can see the first human footprint when you zoom in close enough… We haven’t been able to verify it, but we can’t wait to put the watch under a microscope! Furthermore, the display will only need a correction every ten years if the watch runs non-stop.

The announced price point is 9,400 Swiss francs, which approximately equals $9,485. Are you already infected with Speedy fever? A range of great models is waiting for you at our shop!

TAG Heuer: CARRERA Heuer-02T

TAG Heuer does not only produce smartwatches now, but they also push forward into the world of high-end horology!

Their most fascinating Baselworld 2016 release will be self-winding chronograph with one of the most complex watch features -a flying tourbillon.

The small mechanism, which is proudly displayed at six o’clock, is put together manually from tiny carbon and titan parts by four experienced watchmakers.

The timepiece embodies TAG Heuer’s claim to provide high-end luxury at affordable prices. Well, “affordable” in relative terms… The price point of this masterpiece will be less than $15,950 — which is still a lot of money, but amazingly low for a tourbillon watch with decent quality.

Up to this point, it is *by far* the cheapest Swiss-made timepiece featuring the first-class complication, with most other tourbillon models costing more than four times as much.

If you feel like saying that the watch must be no good, save your breath — it comes with a 02-T movement that owns a chronometer certificate and an impressive power reserve of 65 hours. The 45 mm case is made of titan and comes with a bracelet crafted from black rubber and alligator leather. A splendid timepiece that is really shocking the whole watch industry with its low price!

Collectors can look forward to an all-black “Black Phantom” edition, which will be limited to 250 pieces priced at $23,100.

The timepiece of your dreams? Then keep an eye on the Carrera collection at Watchmaster, where you soon might find it!

Glashütte Original: Senator Chronometer

Timeless elegance reinterpreted: Glashütte’s flagship piece at Baselworld will be a new edition of its Senator series, which will share the classical design of all the Senator models.

The new version comes a in vibrant dark blue, a color that has been used time and again in the Glashütte collection for more than 20 years and was mostly reserved to its exclusive timepieces.

The dial is a really stunning masterwork of craftsmanship — it is created by manually applying many thin layers of enamel until the whole surface has the right color and texture. This approach creates an amazing fine-grained structure, which distinguishes the watch as a real luxury model. Together with the oversized white Roman numerals and the fine white gold hands, it makes looking at this timepiece a real pleasure.

On the mechanical side, it comes with a manual cal. 58–01 movement which has an artful adjusting mechanism: As soon as the crown is pulled, the second hand is jumping to zero and the minute hand moves to the next full minute position, so that they are always aligned after the time is set. The power reserve lasts for approximately 45 hours and is displayed by a small indicator at 12 o’clock.

This watch will be priced $32,200. If you’ve fallen in love with the timeless design, discover the Senator collection at our shop!

Bell & Ross: BR-03 Desert Type

In 2016, Bell and Ross will continue their famous tradition of military-inspired pilot watches.

For the current Baselworld, they announced a reinterpretation of their aviation collection with with sand-colored camouflage motifs.

According to Bell & Ross, it was created to match the uniforms of pilots on desert missions; however, it might also act as a visible supplement for a hip outfit!

The “Desert type” edition will be produced in 3 different versions, which are already available in other colors: a chronograph (BR 03–94), A a three-hand model (BR 03–92) and a smaller quartz variant aimed at women (BR S). All three come with a beige calfskin bracelet and the well-known square cases, which are made from black ceramic.

One detail that’s new is that the dial is made from two superimposed plates, which makes it more readable by increasing the contrast between the markings and the rest.

The price will be $4,300 for the Ref. BR 03–92 and $6000 for the chronograph version BR 03–94, while the price for the BR S has not been released yet. If beige is not your color, you might take a look at some other Bell and Ross models at Watchmaster.