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The Status Quo Is Not the Answer

Michael Thunder Phillips
Sep 2 · 5 min read

There Is Another Option This Election Season

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Of all of the major election years this country has faced, instead of candidates holding rallies around the country, we get a traveling Broadway production of the modern Les Miserable. We see a guy get his bread stolen, or he’s shot. Quickly we see one side start rioting over something before they heard any of the facts in the case. They are playing judge and jury in a country where man is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. But, when you don’t like something you take action, so I get it. But, then some rich guy in their party funds sending hooligans from across state lines to make matters worse by destroying and burning down properties of that community as if it doesn’t impact anyone else. But, I get it. If that is how you put food on the table, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Then we have the reaction from the other side that marches in with a bunch of dudes armed with AR-15’s, plated vests, tons of other little Molle style pouches hanging off of them, Wal-Mart tactical pants and 5.11 tactical hats. The modern militia has shown up, and they look like any one did as a kid playing dress up. In your mind you look so badass, but in reality you look like the first time your mommy let you dress yourself.

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Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

But still, the guns are real and the bullets are real, as we have found out. So are the skateboards, Molotov cocktails and pistols the other side carries. One side is trying to protect other businesses, the other trying to destroy them. One side wants to preserve their right to bear arms and not letting mommy dress themselves. The other wants to avenge a police shooting by murdering cars and brick walls. After awhile, it looks like the 12th round of a Rocky fight in the 10th installment of the movie series, where Rocky can’t even keep his eyes open anymore and no one, not even his 85 year old self remembers why he booked a fight against Apollo Creed’s great grandson. It’s always a right vs. left thing, police vs. no police, guns vs. no guns, free speech vs. political correctness, all lives vs black lives, pickles vs, no pickles, paper vs. plastic, onions vs. no onions, life vs. life.

I’m no genius, or maybe I am, but the turmoil from both sides in each affected city, has it done any good to end racism or any other cause they are fighting for? Each side gets more and more angered. Maybe what we need is to do what South Park did in their Crips and Bloods episode, Jimmy calls a meeting at the local rec center between the two bands, and he locks them all in. After fights almost broke up, and pleading from Jimmy, they knew they had no where else to go being locked in, so they started working out their differences. We as humans can do that to instead of bloodshed and destruction.

Another option from the Right vs Left thing and two candidates more more physical ailments than Elephant man, is to consider 3rd parties. Someone said to me that I should vote for Biden to preserve democrazy, and that 3rd parties are only a waste of a vote. Don’t I hear that every election season. My quick response was, “If I thought like that, I would never enjoy my McDonald’s burgers because I would sacrifice my self-worth by never asking them to remove the pickles. I would be forcing myself otherwise to just deal with it because they think everyone wants pickles on their burgers. I don’t like warm soggy pickles on any sandwiches.”

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Photo by Fábio Alves on Unsplash

We need to not bash those who remove their pickles, and we need to bring in a third gang into the local rec center. I know that really jump-starts the, “you’re wasting your vote” issue. But, a vote is only wasted if you choose not to vote because you don’t care, or you feel pressured to vote for someone you don’t want to vote for, or if your paper ballot got drunk. You have a choice not to vote at all if you don’t like any candidates, but there are other options out there. Third parties never gain traction, especially in the social media age as we are a country of sheep who can be easily manipulated and paid off. But, maybe all of these wolves walking around destroying people’s lives could be a lone wolf and vote outside of their party for real change.

Maybe a candidate doesn’t win, but when they receive enough of the vote it opens the party to extra funding for future elections. Remember that Teddy Roosevelt broke from his party to run on an independent ticket with the Bull Moose party. But, I believe voting 3rd party is the best step to create the change and movement necessary to seriously look under the hood of our flawed elections system. Independents in congress and elsewhere create scenarios where other parties must work together to try and sway their vote on bills and whatnot. Even if a 3rd party or independent doesn’t win the White House, voting enough into congress at least starts us into the direction of bipartisan politics again.

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Photo by Sven Przepiorka on Unsplash

This little band that knows a thing or two about picking a political fight, Rage Against the Machine, states it best, “It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?”

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