Shakespeare in the Park

Tonight we two have plans to see a play,
The Shakespeare tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
The show takes place on High Park stage, and so,
By train, we make our way to Keele and Bloor.
Alas, it seems that we’ve shown up too late;
The show hath started, not much long ago.
All seats are fill’d, and woe, we two had not
The thought to bring our own. We choose to leave.
Tis not a cause for disappointment, as
I find myself the lesser fan of works
Of Bill the Bard. She reads his plays, and reads
his plays, and reads them o’er and o’er,
Whilst I can barely write meters of five
Iambs in prose that sound like works of yore.

We sit upon a bench and talk, and watch
The people pass.

“How dost thou wish to spend
This time we have,” I ask my girl, my sweet.
“A meal? A drink? A small desert, perhaps?
Me thinks a shoppe with treats as such be near.”
The lady dear insists we stay and sit.
I fear I bore the girl, but speak no more.
We share a kiss and snap a picture on
Her phone; a photo that I shan’t in time
Behold again. We sit in quiet thought.

As this night has all but ended
Think but this, and all is mended –
(Or rather, only slightly bettered;
Anxiety can’t be thus fettered)
Expectations, there were none,
And as we watch the setting sun
Her company I do love so.
The only thing I wish to know
Is if the lady feels the same,
But all these doubts I’ll try to tame.
I will live in the here and now,
Stave anxious thought and furrowed brow.
And so we sit as skies get dark
Missing Shakespeare in the Park
Give me your hand if we be friends.
This night I’d gladly do again.

Way It Was is a writing project and ongoing attempt to work through a lot of relationship related shit. Find out more about it here.

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