10 inch Smart Wheel Scooter

0 inch Smart Wheel Scooter
You may not think this is a big deal, but, if you’re considering using your self balancing board as a personal transporter, to commute or anything that isn’t just having some fun, you need bigger wheels.
With the Smart Wheel Scooter, though, the 10″ inflatable wheels will provide more cushion and allow you to go over small bumps with a lot more confidence.
And, with a top speed of 10mph this hoverboard is fast. And you’ll find yourself cruising at higher speed than you would on a Future Foot because of the beefier tires.
The Smart Wheel Scooter weighs around 14 kg , which is surprisingly not a lot more than a 6.5 in wheel hoverboard (around 12 kg).

Finally, though it doesn’t have a built-in speaker, this is a very affordable self balancing scooter, and it’s probably our number 1 choice.

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