Corporate Democrats fear The Divided Left

The party establishment should be afraid. Last year we learned Democrats are trading on social progress to advance moderate GOP economic policy while Republicans trade on social regression to advance more extreme economic policy.

There are two major parties and three basic economic classes: elite, professional and labor.

Both parties are taking big money, dividing the largest and most in need class; namely labor, along identity politics lines leaving it without meaningful representation.

The product of this has been 30 plus years of a two faced economy. A majority of Americans in the labor class today experience tepid to poor economic performance resulting in an economy that does not work. Professionals and elites have enjoyed significant gains and an economy that works very well for them.

More importantly for Democrats, party membership is low today, flirting with 20 percent, while independents have grown to over 40 percent. Additionally, Democrats have lost over 1000 seats in just 6 years, falling from super-majority to minor opposition party today.

Over 40 percent of workers make minimum wage and or are on gig type work. The vast majority of new jobs created do not pay family wages. We aren’t back filling good jobs lost with more good jobs.

Gains in income and wealth have not been shared with the majority of Americans for over 30 years! The result of this is higher personal cost and risk exposure amidst record income inequality. These trends are on the rise, with more and more Americans falling into poverty than are getting out, despite overall positive economic trends nationally. Health care continues to be the number one concern. 58 percent of Americans favor a move to a Federally Funded health care system, such as Medicare for All.

To a rapidly growing number of Americans, this state of affairs is completely unacceptable.

Democrats haven’t been the economic left since they began taking big money donations to elect Bill Clinton years ago.

Many fear a continuation of an already divided left will not be successful in the mid-term elections, further exacerbating an already dire scenario, potentially relegating the Democratic party to minor opposition status, rather than the effective opposition party it needs to be.

When the DNC and Clinton told the majority of independents and near half the Democratic party they were not needed, and that moderate Republicans would bring them the win, they picked a fight that endures to this day, instantly dividing the left solidly along economic lines. The party establishment today continues to favor corporate friendly neo-liberal economics, while the majority of independents and the Bernie Sanders supporters, 40 percent of the Democratic party itself, are for a return to New Deal type economics.

I’m going to put it very simply:

People pretend to support the party that pretends to represent them.

Many Americans, potentially a number two times the current Democratic Party base itself due to the number of people exiting the Democratic Party to become independent voters, do not believe the Democratic Party establishment is actually representing them, instead favoring big money interests.

On the left, It’s a raw, ugly fight. No going back, only forward. The party establishment appears unwilling and potentially unable to understand the impact of their decision to divide the left along strong economic lines, insisting a majority fall into UNITY with a minority, who told them they have no where else to go.

Oops! Now look at the mess!

Those of us who believe in the ideas Bernie Sanders put out there are just getting started, and we aren’t asking! No reason to. It’s not like anyone asked us before deciding we were not needed and that the interests of those who have the most are what matter. Millions of us struggle economically today, yet the party focus continues to be on the same failed economic policy vision.

At the peak of this conflict, support for the Sanders policy vision was easily 2x party base support. It included almost half the party and a majority of independents! It’s obvious Bernie Sanders would have won the Presidency.

Today, Sanders is the most popular politician for a singular reason:

He represents that struggling economic majority unabashedly.

Hear that call for UNITY?

Sure. Join us, or do be afraid because this isn’t over. We are just getting started with delegates, volunteers, members of the core Sanders team, supporters all organizing as you read this. This is about economic justice, and that’s a winning fight, not another around of losses for the left!

ALL those people are organizing to figure out how best to replace party leadership and failed economic policy with progressives and socialists, from the economic left, who will represent labor and the middle class properly.

They are not about returning to failed policy responsible for this epic loss of power and relevance seen today.