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Meeting standards is a vital part of any business, and says to the world that the company is capable of reaching its goals. We sat down with Aleksandr Bobryshev, the Chief Design Engineer, for him to tell us about how WayRay managed to achieve an ISO certification, and why this is so important. The following is from Aleksandr himself.

What is an ISO, and why is it important?

Often, people take design for granted, but many of the great products, inventions, and items we see and use every day have undergone countless hours of design. With this in mind, we have interviewed a selection of designers, to hear about them, their design processes, their portfolio of work, and their thoughts on the future of cars and AR. This first interview is with Fabio Ferrante, a car designer from Italy.

My job is my passion

Here’s what we showcased

WayRay’s solution for automakers built into the Genesis luxury sedan. Copyright WayRay AG.
Immersive Augmented Reality created inside an AR cockpit for land, air, and water transportation
Available at

WayRay at CES 2019 by numbers

WayRay’s booth at CES 2019

IUPUI-HCI team made it to the top 5 winners of the True AR Challenge

Honda Xcelerator showcase at heart of the automotive pavillion


DeepTech Pioneers. Creators of the world’s first-ever True Augmented Reality experience for cars and beyond. #DoDeepTech

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