WayRay at CES 2019: highlights from the biggest tech event

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, WayRay’s voice was bigger, better, and louder than ever before.

Here’s what we showcased

  1. Holographic AR Display built into the Genesis G80
WayRay’s solution for automakers built into the Genesis luxury sedan. Copyright WayRay AG.

2) 180° holographic AR experience, created inside a cockpit for land, air, and water transportation

Immersive Augmented Reality created inside an AR cockpit for land, air, and water transportation

3) True AR SDK, WayRay’s development platform for creating AR apps for cars. Learn more and download for free here.

Available at www.wayray.com/sdk

WayRay at CES 2019 by numbers

More than 1,500 people experienced 180° Holographic AR in the cockpit

About 200 people saw our system in action behind the wheel of the Genesis G80

Over 100 AR enthusiasts joined in on the SDK intro sessions and live demos

What media said about WayRay

“In a few years, it’s likely we will wonder how we ever lived without it.” Read

“Really, anywhere there’s a piece of glass, WayRay could probably find something cool to put there.” Read

“It [the holographic AR display] is actually really cool and we’re looking forward to seeing the technology like this very soon.” Watch

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