Why Waylz Can Help You Learn to Invest

Why You Need to be Playing Waylz

Waylz started with humble beginnings with the belief that young Americans being under or completely uninvested in the stock market was a ticking time bomb for the economy looking out 40 years. The stock market has been one of the largest wealth creation vehicles for the past 40 years and there is no reason to believe that that won’t be the case over the next 40. Almost 3/4 of “Millenials” aged 18–30 are uninvested in the stock market which is a bitter pill to swallow as the majority of young Americans are not setting themselves up for future financial success. Ultimately, this ends up perpetuating the same issue their parents are facing as 40% of baby boomers having no savings. Young Americans face different problems today than their parents such as crippling student debt which explains some of the phenomenon but the fact remains that the majority of young Americans are financial illiterate.

Who We Are and How We are Different

Waylz sees no current resources that can successfully provide the user a platform to build basic investing skills and understand how to responsibly build wealth. With the underlying belief that investing is really not that difficult and the growing efficacy of gamification as an educational tool, Waylz saw the opportunity to provide a structure young Americans would understand and be able to build the necessary skills to attain financial freedom. So what is Waylz?

Waylz is a mobile game that borrows from fantasy sports concepts except instead of a quarterback, running back, and wide receiver, users build a lineup of stocks to compete against their friends and strangers to achieve the best returns. We at Waylz believe we’ve created an intuitive platform where anyone who engages with the game can learn how to invest in the stock market.

We are incredibly fortunate at Waylz to have an extremely diverse and talented team with varying levels of knowledge about the stock market. This allowed us to find the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication when crafting Waylz gameplay during development. From the experience of our team members in the investment industry, we concluded that by providing the answer to three questions by the user simply playing Waylz, an individual can become competent enough to investing real money. The questions were as follows:

1. What is the underlying composition of the economy and why is it important to diversification?

In Waylz, each different position represents a different sector of the economy. This helps the user both understand the different components that make up the economy and that to be truly diversified, one must own stocks in each sector. Stocks in specific sectors tend to be highly correlated in their movement and go in and out of favor as economic conditions change (such as interest rates or the price of oil). For example, over the past two years, we have witnessed stocks in the oil and gas sector decrease by over 50% due to a decrease in the price of oil while simultaneously the Real Estate sector flourished on the back of all-time low interest rates. Understanding why these sectors rotate is a key step to becoming a competent investor as it allows you to identify when your next buy or sell should be.

2. How do you analyze stocks?

Professional investors evaluate stocks by analyzing how long it will take for them to earn their money back (how much does the company earn in a given year versus how much are the investors paying to own their shares) and what will the business be worth after that. Understanding these two questions involves accessing the sustainability of the company’s business model and analyzing the company’s financial statements that they are obligated to provide on a quarterly basis. Investors must comb through the data, digest the numbers, and decide whether the company is a worthwhile investment given the price they have to pay. Our research has led us to conclude that the analysis involved surrounding the numbers and metrics can prove daunting to a novice and is one of the main reason individuals choose not to invest. With Waylz, we believe we’ve eliminated this problem.

Waylz has removed all the boring numbers to make stock analysis easy for our users. Through a set of equations, Waylz outputs five intuitive metrics that represent the same analysis that professionals use for users to understand the basic characteristics of a given stock. Using Waylz, an individual can understand the current sentiment around the stock, how risky it is, how fast or slow the company is growing, the size of the company, and whether it trades cheap or expensive compared to its industry peers. By providing a snapshot on the company, a user can effortlessly evaluate the attractiveness of a stock as an investment opportunity.

3. How can we use the first two and understand our own strengths and weaknesses to become better investors?

Investing is just like life. Understanding what you’re good at and what you’re not is the key to being successful. With Waylz, we aggregate your performance data to show you your investment tendencies and accuracy at picking stocks in each position (sector). Our hope is that as a user, you take this information and use it to improve your “investment discipline.” Our platform is risk-free in that you don’t invest real money but by providing the information on your performance, you can have confidence when you choose to start investing real money.

Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom

We at Waylz don’t claim to be the second coming of Warren Buffett. We don’t think we’re any smarter and we definitely have made our own costly mistakes investing in the market. Our intention is to help others are in the position we were several years back understand how the market works and not suffer the same consequences we did. Don’t be intimidated and don’t buy into the pessimism the media perpetuates about the stock market. Give Waylz a chance and get yourself started on the road to financial freedom.

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