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I love great brands. As an Intellectual Property Attorney I deal with great trademarks everyday. Unfortunately I also deal with the not so great ones. A great trademark could create a customer following and goodwill for your product far beyond the value of the individual product itself. A bad trademark on the other hand could damage the image and reputation of an otherwise good product.

On my way to the International Trademark Association (INTA) 2016 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida I stopped in Miami. While in the airport I was looking for a healthy beverage alternative to the usual sugary drinks. To be honest, maybe I was just trying to balance my choice of the mandatory Dunkin Donuts™ visit that comes with every transit through Miami International Airport. There is no Dunkin Donuts™ in Belize, or Jamaica and so this is a special treat for me.

Naked Juices — Mighty Mango

It was on this journey to find balance, on this journey to justify my guilty pleasure that I came across what I believe is a unique brand and a great product. The label drew me to it “NAKED”. No, I was not in the magazine section, I was shopping for healthy beverages. The bottle advertised a 100% Juice Smoothie, Pure Fruit and most importantly “No Sugar Added”. I was sold, I quickly grabbed a bottle of the Mango variety and made my way to the departure gate.

I wont wax lyrical and say this is the best fruit juice I have ever had. It was however pretty good and I felt I was having a healthy meal of fruits in beverage form. I did not regret the purchase. More importantly as relates to good branding, I made the purchase. I am not an impulse shopper. I usually plan in detail what I want, go looking for exactly that and get just that. I have my favorite products and a competing product has to be very effective to sway my attention.

The trademark, NAKED had just that effect. It caught my attention and made me want to know more. It was clear to me that this was not just some risque trademark, but the mark itself embodied the philosophy of the product. Pure, Unaltered, No additives. The mark and its attendant images immediately conjured what the product is and what it is not. Naked sold me on an idea, before it sold me on that product. Naked told me what I was looking for and after the trademark had done its role, the product itself did not disappoint.

Where your mark, is well thought out, matches your product philosophy and sells consumers on the idea behind the product before pushing the product itself, you will catch even the most routine shopper. Well done Naked Juice Co. / PepsiCo , you have swayed this consumer who was simply looking for a “healthy” balance to his sugary pastry cravings.

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