Chainpoint: a standard blockchain proof protocol

In June 2015 we released Chainpoint, a standard for creating a universally verifiable proof of any data, file, or series of events. With Chainpoint 1.0, we pioneered the technology for anchoring an unlimited amount of data to the Bitcoin blockchain and generating proofs that anyone can use to verify the data. After a year in production, we’re thrilled to announce Chainpoint 2.0.

Chainpoint 2.0 Benefits

The new protocol offers improved speed and flexibility. Chainpoint is built using industry standards and has been rigorously tested in production environments.

  • Uses JSON-LD, allowing for optional digital signatures
  • Chainpoint receipts can be embedded within JSON-LD documents
  • Supports multiple anchor points into multiple blockchains
  • SHA-2 and SHA-3 support, extensible to other hashing algorithms
  • Receipt format has been significantly reduced in size

A full description of Chainpoint can be found at Open source tools are available at


The development of Chainpoint has been a collaboration of many. We’d like to recognize the following individuals for their contributions.

Jason Bukowski — Co-Founder & Lead Developer, Tierion
Manu Sporny — Founder and CEO, Digital Bazaar; Creator of JSON-LD
Christopher Allen — Principal Architect, Blockstream; Co-author of SSL/TLS
Ryan Shea — Co-Founder & CEO of Blockstack
Jude Nelson — Engineering Partner, Blockstack
Paul Sztorc — VP of Economics, Bloq
Shawn Wilkinson — Founder & CEO, Storj
Wayne Vaughan — Co-Founder & CEO, Tierion

About Chainpoint

Chainpoint is a standard protocol for creating a universally verifiable proof of any data, file, or series of events. Chainpoint lets you anchor an unlimited amount of data to the blockchain, allowing anyone to prove the data existed at a point in time and has not been modified. Learn more at